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The Estate

Personalize your stay

When you stay at Villa Medicea di Lilliano Wine Estate, we want you to feel at home. So our personalized services ensure everything is comfortable, convenient and just how you like it.

We also offer the services of a personal cultural Attache. Please see below some examples of the unique Tailor made itineraries which are created for each client offering truly memorable experiences



  • Unique Access to private art collections, gardens, villas and estates
  • Exclusive introductions to some of Italy's most renowned wineries
  • Select Gastronomic Experiences
  • Exceptional visits to Factories and Showrooms of some of the top names in Fashion
  • Enjoy tennis on red clay courts, ride horse back at a world class equestrian centre, golf on one of Tuscany's oldest courses or attend one of Europe's finest football matches.



  • Museums can be privately opened, where you can enjoy the Uffizi and Accademia all to yourselves with a guided tour with one of Italy's most prestigious art historians
  • Private Museum Access in other Italian cities such as the Vatican and Galleria Borghese in Rome
  • Visit the Uffizi restoration laboratory. Tour the high tech facilities while an art conservator explains the methods and standards by which paintings are restored.
  • Discover some of Florence's most prominent restoration projects.
  • Let one of our local art or history experts design a full or half day tour drawn from your particular interests.



  • Discover the secrets of the Made to Measure world of Florentine craftsmen.
  • Special visits to the bottegas whether to have your personal scent created or your shoes custom made.
  • Visit one of Florence's finest decor houses
  • Join a Marquesa and Marquese at their Palazzo for a private tour
  • Learn more about Tuscan cuisine and have the opportunity to cook side by side with the chefs in some of the city's favourite osterias and trattorias.
  • Experience behind the scenes of Tuscany's Michelin Starred Kitchens and discover the culinary secrets of the Chefs
  • Enjoy custom made programmes for your children where you can introduce them to the art and beauty of Florence in a unique way where they will be inspired for a lifetime!



  • Tailor made itineraries are created for each client offering truly memorable experiences such as:
  • Truffle Hunting, Wild Boar Hunting and Fishing in private country estates
  • Private Recitals and Dinners in Exclusive Locations
  • Professional and Business Networking Opportunities
  • &Conferences

If there are other services that you’d like us to arrange, we’ll be delighted to help please send you email to

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