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Gift voucher

Gift voucher

Open gift voucher 2021 & 2022 - 2 Nights for 2 People.

This open gift voucher includes 2 nights stay with delicious Italian breakfast plus a memorable experience in our wine estate.

The experience starts right at the entrance of the historical Medici Villa from the XI century, once house of the most important and famous family of Florence, where a fascinating historical tour will be performed. During this part of the experience you will travel back in time discovering the ancient walls and captivating spaces such as the open courtyard with its fabulous fountain where lotus flowers grow in spring and summer time and the Medici Terrace that overlooks the Duomo of Florence.

As a guest of honour, we will share with you the most special and precious secret of our property; the underground cellars of the Villa, still active and where the Malenchini wine is aged.

The experience will proceed with a tasting session in our Cortile Room where 2 special wines will be paired with traditional Tuscan bruschetta and our Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

During this tasteful experience, our guide will share with you the particularities about the techniques and wine making processes that the Malenchini family have been performing since 1830.

As we always say, the best label of a wine is its history, please come to discover ours!

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